Want a safer, more secure home? Do your own home security audit.

Download this checklist, walk through your home and find ways to make it safer. (read more below)

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Thousands have died in crashes involving cell phone use
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 9 people are killed every day in the U.S. as a result of crashes involving a distracted driver.

(read more below)

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Your landscaping can help deter criminals

It’s March and time for spring planting. Even if you have a home security system, your landscape can help thwart crime even before a criminal can get to your house. So before you rush out and get plants this season, consider the following. (read more below)

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What is identity theft?
According to the U.S. Department of Justice, identity theft (or fraud) is a term used to refer to all types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal data in some way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain. (read more below)

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Beware of package thieves
Online shopping has grown over the past few years and this holiday season will be no exception. With the convenience of home delivery, more and more consumers are shopping online for everything. While it is easy to get caught up in the fun of it all, it is important to remember that with increased purchasing comes the heightened risk of theft. Thieves will be on the prowl throughout the holiday. Package thefts from door stoops and front porches during the day usually increase between the months of October and January. (read more below)

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Join us from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight (Monday, January 23), at the Roseville Police Department for a community awareness training provided by Stand Up Placer’s Human Trafficking Team and Roseville Police Department’s Vice & Narcotics Enforcement Training (VNET).  They’ll talk about what human trafficking is,  the status of human trafficking in Placer County, and the support and assistance available to victims in our area.  Teens and adults are encouraged to attend.

Donation Drive:  Stand Up Placer is having a donation drive this month to collect gift cards and other practical items to help local victims.  Items can be dropped off at their service centers in Roseville and Auburn, or at the Roseville Police Department.  Click here for their wish list of needed items.  

The collection bin will be available at tonight’s training if you have items to donate.

California expands restrictions for phone use while driving beginning January 1, 2017. (read more below)

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It’s March and soon spring will be upon us. For many it’s a time for yard clean-up and landscaping. While you are out doing your yard work this spring, keep in mind that what you plant and where you plant things in your yard can impact the safety of your home. (read more below)

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It’s August and that means schools throughout Roseville have (or soon will) start the new school year.
According to AAA every fall over 55 million children across the U.S. head back to school. It is especially important for drivers to be extra vigilant for pedestrians before and after school hours. Over the last decade, nearly one in four child pedestrian fatalities occurred between 3pm and 7pm.

(read more below)

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Safety tips for drivers
Kids love Halloween. Is there anything more fun for a child than to dress up in their favorite Halloween costume and stay up past their normal bedtime? With so many trick-or-treaters out at night, the potential for automobile-related accidents with young pedestrians increases four times on this night according to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study. (read more below)

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School is now back in session and that means you may see more young people out on their bicycles going to and from school. Motorist should take extra care when driving near schools especially right before and after the school day. (read more below)

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A safe community requires the joint effort of all community members. The more observant and involved individuals are in their daily lives the less likely crime will occur undetected. If we watch and report suspicious activity, we reduce the areas where criminals feel comfortable committing crimes, resulting in safer neighborhoods and communities.

We all play a role in keeping our community safe. (read more below)

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2018 Laws & Smart Toy Security

California DMV will offer a federal compliant REAL ID driver license or ID card to customers beginning January 22, 2018.

How the REAL ID Act Impacts Californians
Beginning October 1, 2020, the federal government will require your driver’s license or ID card to be REAL ID compliant if you wish to use it as identification to board a domestic flight or to enter military bases and most federal facilities. (read more below)

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Hot it can get in Roseville. On a typical sunny day, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach a potentially deadly level within minutes. (read more below)

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Introducing a new way citizens can assist the police to fight crime.
Help the Roseville Police Department “Keep Watch” on our city by signing up with our voluntary surveillance camera registry. (read more below)

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Distraction is defined by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) as a specific type of inattention that occurs when drivers divert their attention away from the task of driving to focus on another activity.  (read more below)

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Public Safety News & Tips — ID Theft & Top scams 2016

You’ve probably heard the news story of a data breach where clients’ Social Security numbers and other personal information were hacked by criminals. Perhaps you have even received a letter from your insurance company or financial institution letting you know that your personal information was comprised. If so, you could be the victim of identity theft. (read more below)

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