Our mission is to improve the social, physical, and economic health in the Roseville Community by sharing information, facilitating training and education, providing resources, and encouraging communication and participation among neighborhoods, government, educational institutions, businesses, and other participants.

  • To raise the level of community participation by citizens for the purpose of improving and maintaining the quality of life within the City of Roseville.

  • To work with neighborhood associations in resolving social, physical and economic problems within neighborhood, and deal with other important neighborhood issues.

  • To facilitate communications within and between neighborhoods.

  • To provide instruction and support to neighborhood association leader.

  • To pursue funds from any and all sources for use in the community and neighborhoods.

  • Revitalize inactive neighborhoods.

  • Organize the residents, property owners, organizations and businesses within each area into a neighborhood association.

  • Bring all neighborhoods together in a coalition of associations.

In 1993, the City of Roseville Police Department began the formation of Neighborhood Associations as a part of their award winning community policing program. Today the City of Roseville is divided in to 42 Neighborhood Associations, with Neighborhood Police Officers assigned to each and a team of city staff led by the Neighborhood Services Division that work directly with the associations. Volunteers participating in their Neighborhood Association work to improve their neighborhoods and maintain a high quality of life.

Citizens and staff work together on a variety of projects such as crime prevention, park development, resolution of development related issues, neighborhood team building and much more. Neighborhood Association Representatives make up the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA).